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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It all adds up!

 Isn't this great news! More money! Yay! Let's spend it.
Notice that 3 out of the 4 increases relate to school funding. 

That's good, right? Yes for schools, but it is highly unlikely any municipality will see a reduction in their school budget assessments. Any "extra" money coming in from the state will be rolled into E + D. 

That's how it all adds up. 

$40 M increase in local aid divided by 351 cities and towns would be $113,960 per community - but it doesn't work that way!

 Local Cherry Sheets from DLS

Templeton's UGGA (Local Aid)

NRSD Chapter 70

 See the entire Alert below:


  1. Congratulations to Bob M.

    You were appointed to Capital Planning last night!

  2. Hey, Imagine that. Anyone know how this works as far as who contacts who, etc.????

    Thanks Julie.............. We will now have a quorum.

    1. it is about time ! Why would anyone let year after year go by without a quorum ? This failure of town leadership drives me nuts. Yes, I do have an excuse, lol Bev.

    2. Hello again,

      You will need to get sworn in at the Town Clerk's office and contact the selectmen's office so they will have your contact information. I believe the next meeting for Capital Planning is April, 18 2017. I believe the time will be 6:30 pm.

      Once Doug has your contact information he can forward you the capital plan electronically. He also has printouts. I hope Tuesday works out for you. Look forward to seeing you!