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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bobcat that attacked dogs in Barre is shot, killed

Bobcat that attacked dogs in Barre is shot, killed

BARRE - Police shot and killed a bobcat after it attacked two large dogs, then lunged at the police chief and a sergeant Tuesday afternoon.

Sgt. William Recos said a family on Lane Road near Chamberlain Hill Road called to report a large cat was attacking their two Bernese mountain dogs on the porch of their home.
“She said the cat was on the back of one of the dogs with its claws dug in and its mouth on the dog’s neck,” Sgt. Recos said.

The bobcat weighed 25 to 30 pounds and was about a third the size of one of the dogs, he said.
The family called the dogs inside and the bobcat hid under the porch. The bobcat came back out when officers arrived and began walking toward them.
“When it was about 40 feet from us it started to sprint, and at 10 or 15 feet it jumped into the air with its paws outstretched,” Sgt. Recos said. “The chief was able to squeeze off a few rounds and it stopped.”

Sgt. Recos said Police Chief John Carbone is about 6 feet tall, and the bobcat’s jump took it higher than that.

The two dogs were being evaluated by a veterinarian Tuesday night but did not appear to have any serious injuries.

Animal Control Officer Laura Pease collected the animal and will send it out for rabies testing.
Sgt. Recos said the animal’s behavior was uncharacteristic and he was concerned that it might have had rabies or some other ailment.

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  1. It is to bad that they had to kill it, but it must have been sick, or they would not have seen it in the first place.