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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Still Shocking

Still Shocking
So the school committee voted the lower assessment. Take look at Templeton's figures:
                                               FY 17            FY 18           % change
Temp. Min. Contribution  4,114,704         4,254,487          3.40 %
Add'l appropriation               831,381        1,001,343         20.44%
Transporation Dif.                 678,659           750,594         10.60 %
Debt Service                          443,879           436,384         -1.69%
TOTAL                               6,068,623        6,442,808          6.17%

Templeton's TOTAL increased by 6.17 % 

A Shocking Surprise! 

Toward the end of the selectmen meeting last night, shocking news was delivered regarding the budget for FY 18.

The estimated increase for the NRSD budget for FY 18 was projected at $380,000. The figure of $380,000 was factored into the preliminary budget figure for the town.

BTW, the increase in local revenue (2.5 %) for FY 18 is $330,000- kiss that goodbye! 

The NRSD school committee will have a budget hearing on Wednesday to increase the $380,000 figure for Templeton to $575,000 an increase of 9.21% to Templeton's portion of the NRSD  budget.

Anyone else see a problem here? The Town can only raise taxes by 2.5% each year. The NRSD traditionally, over many years, - look in the annual reports -has increased Templeton's assessment by 6%, 7% 8%, 9% or more. EVERY YEAR!

Give credit where credit is due. Chairman John Caplis stated:
 "This is not good news at all." "Services will have to be cut."

In other news -
the Templeton BOS held an executive session last night. The interim Town Administrator's contract has been extended until June 30, 2017 with an increase in pay.


  1. The new contract states a salary of $1,000.00 us and is the same as the previous pay.
    What was the increase Carter received?

  2. As we all learned from the Miller Machine we were at under effort when they needed the 1/2 million last time around. Remember the joint town meeting held in multi rooms and no count checkers or verification.

    Thanks to Mr. Henie and some other now in office and memory that works we are at this time before any increases above state required max effort scale.
    When we were told about the short effort by Miller,School board and now members of the BOS the amount for the Monty Tech was not added and it was in fact way over the effort scales max.
    If we want a BOS run by the school system and admin just keep your heads buried and don't say a word.
    If you think there is dishonesty when we are told one thing and find out another is the truth we need to pressure the BOS + AC and others who will be the focus at town meeting votes. The knife to cut services has been dulled over the years and it's time to say no and show the numbers as we are told by the state what they can ask for.
    "ASK FOR" is the key part here.
    Time is now to get the Advisory and Board of Selectman to fight for our services as less will mean none at some point.
    Let the school ask for an over ride if they want the people to finance their problems.
    Cut admin and own their problems created by the former MILLER crew.

  3. The school needs to live within a budget, period. Aren't they saving big bucks on the woodchips? Nothing in our economy is growing at the rates of school budgets other than healthcare.........