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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Rank Amateurs Were Right?

The Rank Amateurs Were Right?

Last night's joint meeting  of the Adv. Com. and the selectmen began with a review of the revenue projections for FY 18. 

Oh! Lookie here:

Looks like the figure for New growth was counted twice. Thank you to Paul Grubb for  insisting on a review of these figures! The good news is that is error was caught before town meeting.

Here is a link to the full document.

In other news, thanks to the hard work of reviewing the budget document and figures thoroughly, it appears the merger of
COA/Library/Veterans/Recreation + Culture has been placed on hold for now. Thank you to Selectman Diane Haley Brooks and Doug Morrison for leading the way to find alternative sources of funding to maintain needed services in Templeton. The lion's share of re-balancing the budget will be taken from Veterans' services. Services to Veterans will not be impacted.

Here is a link to the DRAFT warrant. Try to identify the articles that have been added AFTER the warrant closed. What a fun way to keep people involved in town government.


  1. The items added after the warrant closed will have a huge impact on our town, some good and some that need a lot of discussion. How do we invite industry to town and offer tax deals when we cannot take care of what we have now ? We would have to give these businesses, or(business) services, fire, police coverage. While industry may be needed, it is the how this can get accomplished, with out hurting the tax base any more than it is. Reality is that we do not generate enough money to cover all of the things that we have now. We have nickeled and dimed our way through this budget, but what do we do next year ? Everything goes up except our ability to generate money over 2 1/2 %. I would have closed Town Hall for a day a week and closed the Senior Center a day or two a week, giving the town time to regroup, and get a few dollars in the bank. But that is my opinion. Aside from the fact that these articles were added after the warrant closed, discussion is needed and perhaps a public hearing or two. I doubt that the people on the economic development committee understand where the town stands financially, as I have never seen any of these people at a BOS or AC meeting. I apologize if I am wrong about this. Bev.

    1. Back to the old drawing board ! In speaking with a very well informed person, tax breaks can only be given to manufacturing jobs, and only after a company jumps through a lot of hoops. Discussion is still needed and this article needs public hearings so everyone understands what they are voting for. Enough with the last minute deals with little or no explanation. Bev.