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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Most educated people would know that I, PHC Sr don't post all the comments on the blog. I answer a lot of them and when I do I sign my name. I do not blame the people that use "anonymous" because I have seen the retaliation that has happened here in Templeton, including attempts to put me out of business and harass my salvage yard with bul-----t. I hired a good lawyer a couple years ago and told him to go after any individual that uses their position to harass me and my business. He sent one town official a letter and I never heard from that individual again. Yes I have the paperwork to prove it. Some people get conned into making trouble for an individual, then when the heat gets on "see you later". If you want some names and dates just send me a request and I will send you copies. 90% of the taxpayers in town don't know about the bullying and bul--- that went on at 690 Patriots road, town offices. When I walked into town hall a few months ago with Lieut. Capps from the Athol state police barracks, it turned a lot of heads. And yes I had about eight taxpayers come with me, want some names? Want some names of the rats that went running and it did a lot of good. Look at the Statehouse Senate docket filed on 1-18- 2013 Senate bill number 623, and read it close. Are you one of the guilty ones on that docket? I must keep reminding everyone that I will not stop until justice is done here in Templeton.

Thanks for reading - Pauly


  1. Thank you so much, Pauly, for your perseverence in the Obstruction of Justice, harassment, etc. that has gone on here in Templeton for far too long!! I know all too well about Bullying, strong arming, intimidation tactics that went on from those at 690 Patriots rd in the time frame you are referring to. I also understand anonymous postings due to threats that several people have had to endure at the town offices, work related employee harassment & at homes of some of these indiviuals by abuse of power of certain ones who held office at that time. Isn't it amazing how when the shoe is on the other foot, these bullies change their tune & put things on their signs like enough is enough. Yeah, ya think!! But, only enough is enough in reverse!! Hopefully, all your efforts with this atty Gen. investigation will flush every last one of those bully harassers out of the closets, bushes, barns & wherever else they are hiding. Seems to me that No one would run for office, knowing others are onto them unless they are trying to hide something, cover their tracks or owe someone big time!! I believe, what appears to be several cases of corruption, goes very very deep. I think many will be surprised who is tied to these prior events, mentioned often in this blog. There are those who are part of the problem maybe feeling pressured from attempts to collude others into their way of thinking with threats or bribes in one form or another. These are all my opinions from years of observation of abundant wrongdoings. I think many have been treatened or bought into silence or alliance. These are just my thoughts. I am not accusing any particular individual but seems to be a collective of rogues who are only thinking of themselves & not all the negative effects or adverse costs to the good honest hard working townspeople. Keep up the good work Pauly, Bev, Julie, Dave S., Jeff B, Jeff R., Will S., Sue, etc. There is safety in numbers so stick together & never go it alone again like we had to in the beginning. The word is out now & for all his wants, a certain person who was once powerful will no longer be able to "run" this town like he used to for himself & buddies. I pray this town does not forget or as that saying Pauly has posted at the top of the blog goes, we are destined to repeat it. If that happens we are done for!! Once again, this blog is just My thoughts & opinion.

    1. It is a sad day when the people who work for the Town of Templeton are afraid of what will happen "IF" the wrong people get into office. There is something very wrong with that picture! These are the people who keep our town running. These are the people who have had to cram 40 hrs. of work into 35 hrs., and have had to make ends meet because of the bad management, of the same people who "get off" on being a bully. So what do we do to help them?? We let them know we have their back 100%, and will not allow any of this crap to go on, plain and simple. We owe it to these people to not let the old guard back in to office!! The towns' people can not let them get a foot in the door. The truth needs to be spread, far and wide, and only we can do it. We have done a dam good job supporting the people who are working to get this town on its feet. These things take time, and the town needs to know things are getting better, day by day. Enough is enough, if you are a citizen watching the sham that is the Light and Water Commissioners. This will also resolve its self in time. This town cannot allow our money to be thrown away, like it was bread crumbs for the birds. Everyone needs to be accountable!! Maybe once the Light and Water Commissioners learn how to run a meeting, they will not have to spend so much on legal services!! It seems to me, that is no ones fault but theirs. My opinion, as always. Bev.

  2. What will happen if Jerry Skelton gets elected.....
    He will bully and try to fire many of the town employees, Mr Ritter,and the secretary in the selectmens office,Bud, Bud's secretary, Dave Smart the accountant, the treasurer, tax collector, the assessors office, the BOH staff, etc etc all for payback.
    He will drive us into more debt (252 Baldwinville Rd. )casella waste ets etc
    he will bring back K&P ( don't forgot that we were the cash cow for K&P and easy 100 grand a year for them)
    his ultimite goal has always been to bankrupt the town
    payback for his wife and him loosing their first lawsuit

  3. Pauly just read senate bill 623. can't wait to see the dominoes fsll! keep up the good work all of you. Pauly you have my vote. we don't need the croaks. they belong in the big house. Can't wait to see Jerry S with the cuffs on.

    1. Ever hear the old saying, "Every dog has his day." Well the old dogs will get theirs. Do you know, the new guy running for selectmen, was warned about the terrible things that "Julies people", and the people on the blog, would do to him! I told him he did not have to be afraid of anyone. These people are so sick!!! This is America, too many people have died so we could have our say, and anyone can run for any office they choose. We need to stand up for anyone that wants to help heal our town, and tell the truth about the tough times we as a town have experienced. If people have the truth, they will make good choices! If GS got in, things can never go back to where they have been! Too many of us are watching, there is no money to play with, and Will Spring has his hand on our wallet, and HE WILL NOT LET GO!! My opinion, Bev.

  4. Dear Mr. Paul Cosentino

    I am writing in regard to all of your posts on your blog addressed to me. I am going to answer all questions, one at a time. Also, this will be my last post on your blog that I consider to be full of lies, untruths, and rumors.

    First, I want you to know that I have not picked sides by any means, and I do not intend to. I can tell you that I cannot vote for you. How could I vote for a man that tells his fellow blog followers that he has never done any business with me? That is a total lie. Your tow trucks have towed your junk cars , vehicles and scrap to my yard. I have many canceled checks that were paid to Cosentino Salvage, numerous checks, not just one, as well as weight slips from years past.

    You try to portray me as a bad guy, but I really am not, You, Bev and a few others try to hold something that happened 40 years ago against me when I wasn’t even born. I am tired of hearing about things that had nothing to do with me. What happened 40 years ago is over and done with and was settled back then. It is time for everyone to move on for the best interest for OUR town.

    On another note, how about when I saw Pauly Jr. one day in a businessman’s garage? I had a conversation with him about a few of your family members trying to sell me your stolen catalytic converters. I told him to let tell you that I WOULD NOT BUY THEM; I REFUSED TO!

    NEWS FLASH-- not everyone is going to like everyone in the Town they live in. That is OK, but we all need to get along.

    I, personally, and as a business, have done a lot of good for OUR Town.

    How about when OUR Town borrowed my bulldozer free-of-charge to bulldoze for the Senior Center?

    How about when OUR Town wanted a Skateboard Park next to the Police Station and they needed help to pay for the fence? I paid for the whole fence, almost $4,000 out of my pocket. I have the canceled checks made out to Alpine Fence

    As for the back taxes, anyone that is familiar with the Town’s By Laws knows that to hold a license in Town you cannot be more than one year behind in taxes or you cannot renew any license. Whoever thinks I am further behind than FY’12 is crazy! I cannot respond to the person attacking me personally because he/she hides behind the acronym “anonymous,” while attacking me. I pay my taxes, and I pay for the privilege of being late, and the town reaps the benefit for my late tax payments.

    I have nothing to hide. Many people come down and walk around the yard with me. I have never asked anybody to leave. If you, Pauly, need to know something, there is no need to peek through the fence on a Sunday with binoculars. All you have to do is to call me. I will open the gate.

    Pauly, I have asked you to go out to lunch with me so that we could talk, but you never wanted to go. That is your loss, because unfortunately, you will not get to really know me.

    In closing, I want you and a few of your fellow bloggers to know the truth. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to come and talk to me. If Bev wants proof of anything, I have proof for all of the statements that I have made tonight. I look forward to seeing you on candidates’ night. I would like you to personally introduce me to Ms. Bev. That way, when she is defacing me on your blog, she will know who the person is that she is maligning.

    These are facts not opinions and I am exercising my right to speak them.

    Also while you were sick at no time did I ever try to buy your scrap from any of you kids as sue had stated in a prior blog comment.

    Posted by
    Mike Ferris
    Hubbardston Rd.

  5. Pauly-Congrats for the blog getting 450k+ hits. Very cool! This blog has been one of the best things to happen in Templeton. You've done a great thing for the community by starting this blog and sharing your thoughts with us. We now have a way to share information and our opinions and ideas with one another, even if some of them are not always accurate or productive. You have to take the good with the bad when promoting open conversation. You're a great man and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as the election heats up over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for the blog!