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Saturday, May 6, 2017

A New Street Drug Can Kill You By Touching Your Skin: What You Need To Know

A New Street Drug Can Kill You By Touching Your Skin: What You Need To Know



  1. This is going to be so miserable for people with Chronic pain. It's already the case that the Dr's treat most pain patients as criminals, drug seekers, addicts. It's a humiliating experience being a pain patient. You are required to bring in pills for a pill count on 24 hrs notice or your prescriptions can be canceled. Your required to come in on 24 hrs notice to give urine samples (which the patient pays for and its only to cover the Dr for malpractice) or loose you prescriptions. Now they will violate you for marijuana, hmmmm.

    These are causing many chronic patients to use heroin. Dr's unprescribed in fear of addiction. They do not understand the difference between dependence and addiction. Any medication you take regularly from aspirin to diabetes medications, your body becomes Dependant on them. That is not addicted.
    I've experienced this entire process first hand and its, well, horrible. Take the above conditions, now make the patient immobile or mobility restricted. You cannot or should not drive ( I was on morphine) and you get a call that you must be at DR office within 24 hrs. Many of these people are elderly, live alone, dont have cars. It's even more difficult if you live in a rural area.
    Now the government is going to react like it always does. It will create laws to punish the end user. the pain patient just trying to not hurt for whatever reason. This method has not, will not work!
    Dr's need to be held accountable for over and under-prescribing. mandating that people walk around or sit around ridden with pain should not be tolerated in fear of addiction.

    1. Now you are sent to the "Pain Clinic" at the hospital. The co-pay is $30.00. This is more than you would spend at your doctor's office, and another trip to make, whether you want to or not. Did you do anything wrong ? No, you didn't. You are just unlucky enough to have chronic pain.

  2. It's even worse than that.

    The opioid epidemic has been created by the same people who are now trying to criminalize people with chronic pain.

    I read one comment on Zero Hedge for this article :

    "Justin Case strannick May 6, 2017 6:37 AM
    I'd like to see the stats on how many elephants need to be tranquilized each year and the reasons.

    Maybe this is an alternate to reduce the human population because vaccines are working fast enough. Get rid of the least productive population first?"

    And guess who owns the patent on Carfentanil?

    From another comment on Zero Hedge:

    Amicus Curiae Troy Ounce May 6, 2017 7:30 AM


    The invention described herein may be manufactured and licensed by or for the Government for governmental purposes without payment to us of any royalties.


    This invention relates to an improved process or method of synthesis of carfentanil and other potent analgesics of the N-alkyl 4-substituted 4-piperidinylamide class which can be used as morphine substitutes.


    The compounds of interest, and their related syntheses appeared in the literature starting in 1976. However, due to the low overall yield obtained in their preparation, a great deal of improvement was desired. A synthetic route leading to analgesics of the above-cited type is described in the literature, see Synthetic Analgesics, Arzeim-Forsch. 26, 1548 (1976) and U.S. Pat. No. 4,179,569, Dec. 18, 1979. This synthesis is shown below: ##STR1##

    It should be noted that when R is a phenylethyl group, the product is called Carfentanil, one of the most biologically active in this series.

    Publication number

    US5106983 A Publication type Grant Application number US 07/517,012 Publication date Apr 21, 1992 Filing date Apr 30, 1990 Priority date Apr 30, 1990 Fee status Lapsed Inventors Louis P. Reiff, Paul B. Sollman Original Assignee The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army