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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Response!

A Response!

The request:

Hello Everyone,

At tonight's Advisory Committee meeting, it was voted that I should contact you to bring an issue in the latest Budget to Actual to your attention.

On page 4 of 17 of the Expenditure Ledger, Dispatcher wages is expended 97.38 %. According to the May 11, 2017 version of the Expenditure Ledger, there was $6,933.19 left in this account to pay for dispatcher wages for the rest of this fiscal year.

The Advisory Committee is concerned that there is not enough money in this account to meet payroll this week and for the rest of this fiscal year.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We are look forward to your response to this matter.


Julie Farrell

May 17, 2017 

The Response:

It is being paid out of the 911 Grant as budgeted for this year.

Kelli Pontbriand
Town of Templeton

The issue:

 "Verify that every expense payment is lawful and justified and that funding exists under the appropriate budget line item (MGL c41 section 52)"

" Provide notification when an appropriation has been expended or appears likely to become overdrawn." ( MGL c 41 section 58 )



  1. So how much was the 911 grant and whats left for the 911 costs. Hard to believe the account would be off by a month+ for wages.
    Would the 911 money go back to the free cash if not used for 911 wages?

  2. Some good question David. I just love this towns willingness, hell, it almost feels like a desire to dig across multiple accounts to find the money to fix errors in math.

    What was the proposed purpose of this grant when it was applied for?

    Are we now not going to be able to use that grant for that intended purpose?

    1. Like I have said before, the more things change, the more they stay the same ! Bev.