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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Annual Town Meeting!

Annual Town Meeting!


9 AM

Today's the big day! Anyone want to take bets Article 23 :

 will be moved to the top of the warrant? Anyone think someone will be making the motion to move this article ahead so the good citizens of Templeton can go back home to bed?

So if you are not allowed to speak about the warrant article; if the articles are not read; if articles are not given a good explanation - don't support the article!

If you are NOT allowed to speak or ask questions about the budgets -the town budget, the school budgets, any budget included in the warrant - then don't support that article!

Town Meeting votes determine how your $15 million dollars of tax money will be spent.  

If you think you should be voting on a balanced budget - don't support Article 18:

 This budget is $100,000 out of balance.

If you don't get a reasonable explanation of the use of Ambulance Reciepts - don't support the budget.

If you don't think the town can support a full time fire department - don't support the budget.

If you get a reasonable explanation, then support the budget.

See you there!




  1. Personally I have problems with :

    Article 3,6,9,11,16,18,19,20 but hey, we'll see what happens.

    Will all questions of legality be placed on hold or.............????

  2. Well, that was interesting, hmm.

    I really hope our Administration manages our towns finances better than our history shows us capable.

    I do think we need to come to some legal conclusion on the summary issue. If the summary is truly hyperbole then they shouldn't be included, passed out or even created. If the summaries are hyperbole and accountability for them is mute, then the only reason to include them is political. To sell someones plan.

    The only things passed out by the town for this meeting included summaries. I'm no lawyer, but it sure seems like an argument could be made that they are part of the "package". It would be nice if a local lawyer or someone with deeper pockets than I would challenge this ruling. Voters need to know what they can count on for facts.

    It does seem like many of the people voting for the school did not attend the audit hearing and do not want to hear facts about finances.

    I was terribly disappointed with the response from the BOS regarding the overall finances. "That was in the past, most of us were not here" As far as I know the only NEW member of the BOS is Cam Fortes, I hold him blameless, but the rest have been there at least 1 year, some are going on multiple years. YOU, the BOS/TA are ultimately responsible for the Administration of this town. So hows that 2017 budget, balanced? Hows that 2018 budget, balanced? Yup, it's all in the past.
    I personally like Doug from what little I know, but again today at the meeting he stated the CIC "recommended" an item we discussed in our last meeting were we all agreed no recommendation would be made!!! Then in trying to be helpful, he gave misinformation about the estimate for the senior center which was corrected by alan.................

    More later,................

  3. Hey, I have a question for anyone who was at the Town meeting. Didn't a member of the BOS or Carter say the rate for the police station was 2.5%.

    I'm just wondering how? Is it a 10 year note? Here is the USDA municiple loan rates for the first quarter of 2017.

    Municipal Interest Rates for the 2nd Quarter of CY 2017

    In accordance with 7 CFR 1714.5, the interest rates are established as shown in the following table for all interest rate terms that begin at any time during the first quarter of calendar year 2017.

    Municipal Interest Rates
    for the Second Quarter of 2017
    Interest Rate Term Ends in (year...) RUS rate (0.000 percent)
    2018 0.875
    2019 1.000
    2020 1.250
    2021 1.500
    2022 1.625
    2023 1.875
    2024 2.000
    2025 2.250
    2026 2.375
    2027 2.625
    2028 2.625
    2029 2.750
    2030 2.875
    2031 3.000
    2032 3.000
    2033 3.125
    2034 3.125
    2035 3.125
    2036 3.250
    2037 3.250
    2038 or later 3.375

    So if my math is correct and my ears were working right ( all questionable I know) we are taking our a 40 yr loan that at best would mature in 2056. This seems to lend itself to a 3.375% rate at best...........But hey, whats 3/4 of a point on $975,000 for 40 years.........argh........

  4. Well. Look who's practicing math without a license.

    You could always ask the Treasurer/Collector for that information. Oh right, THAT person doesn't have the skill set to produce a debt schedule, or a cash flow statement, or reconcile checkbooks...

    Please contact me regarding AC .

    Julie Farrell


  5. Replies
    1. I am sick, so sad that people have chosen to give up their right to govern their own town. How can you do that with a conscience! Are you so sure that people will always do what is right for you ? Are you that fool ? You have written a blank check, for a loan knowing not, what it will cost every one of you in the end. Maybe your home, your retirement, your future ! As I heard Trump say one day, "you knew I was a snake when you picked me up", after it bit her. Let's hope this does not come back to bite the people who will pay the piper, in the end. We warned you ! Bev.

    2. I'm just amazed at how little all those folks voting for the school cared about the absolute lack of management we've shown or have available to manage the project. As stated by Roselli.