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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Management Letter

So what's the big deal? What has changed since this management letter was released April 25, 2017? Why is not available in print to the public?

From page 14 of the management letter as it relates to the Elementary School Project:

 Toward the conclusion of this section:

One more time:

"We do not believe the current Treasurer or anyone in the Treasurer's Office have the skillset necessary to financially manage THE LARGEST PROJECT IN THE TOWN'S HISTORY and bring it to a successful conclusion.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that the Town utilize the services of a consultant familiar with school projects in Massachusetts to assist in the administration of this challenging process."

hmm. Thought this project had someone familiar with school projects in Massachusetts "to assist in the administration of this challenging process"? This person is called the OPM - OWNER's Project Manager. 

But who is the OWNER of the project?


  1. Todays Gardner News: Carter T says the town will be ready to go on the $5 million dollar loan Monday if the town voters pass the article on Saturday.

    No mention of a consultant as I'm sure our BOS and TA have decided they know better than Roselli ( the profesional who we hired)

    Our team of cracker jack Administrators has screwed this project up for over 6 years and mismanaged the towns cash along the entire way.

    This is not a vote for a school. A vote to rescind the school is a vote to SAVE THE TOWN!

  2. One quick observation that needs to be thought about. This administration has already mismanaged, misstated, overspent by a figure that represents about 15% of the total amount spent so far if I'm not mistaken.
    These folks spent almost 15% without authorization to do so!!!!!! Because this administration has proven to be careless and completely incompetent when it comes to addition and subtraction!!!!

    Instead of coming to the voters straight up with the facts this administration is playing the BIG CON on the taxpayers. Feeding them only information that supports their position and hiding, mistating or just plan removing anything that points out just how incompetant our administration has been with taxpayer funds!

    VOTE TO RESCIND, Stop the town from making its biggest financial contract in history with clowns running the show!

  3. This school project appears to be another reeking pile of shit, who could be in that pile?
    The town leaders have allowed our neighborhood schools to fall apart so something must be done for the students. The question is can we do this responsibly taking all facets into consideration? I would scrap Templeton Center project and consolidate all students at the present High School Middle School. There are many good reasons to do this.

  4. Baldwin,

    I don't know alot about the requirements (legal) but I would assume that putting our schools in one facility would make security more effective and efficient, allow for the consolidation of administrative duties, equipment and maintenance would also be vastly more efficient at one facility.

    It's time we required more bang for our buck from the school system too. How many kids were moved to Gardner alternative as they were told they wouldn't graduate and Narragansett wants to keep numbers up.
    School needs to be more about teaching and less about time. Why should kids be required to sit through multiple "study periods"? Is it so daycare, childcare is shifted to the state? AP students might utilize the time to study, but most students dont "from kids who went to gansett) and my own school experience.
    Schools should not be a babysitter/child care system to all those who would propose increasing the length of the school day.

  5. Many good points Bob. I told my wife if I had the chance to bring my kids up again I would home school them like my brother did. Schooling is not education and going into debt to school our children is a waste of money. People will need to make an effort to get to town meeting otherwise it will be an overpriced school on a postage stamp lot. Our children are getting sicker by the year and combining resources gives the older children a chance to help with the younger ones. Just my opinion.

  6. I know exactly what you mean as far as home schooling. I personally feel we need an entirely new focus from our educational services. I used to always complain that kids got out of High school without any training in how to function in society ie rmv,banks,contracts,leases. Now people say, they should learn that at home. Well in my day many people parents had no clue and today I know I'm not up on the latest methods, means, and tools available in todays society.
    What you mentioned about the older helping younger would be a really nice idea and could be worked if the entire system wasn't built around self sustaining behaviors and policies.
    Public employee unions representing public teachers,fireman,police, etc have driven the cost of services up, the responsibility of each member down and the professionalism of the entire public employee sector based on polotics and non responsive to the taxpayer