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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Unofficial Election Results

Congratulations to Diane Haley Brooks and Cameron Fortes!


  1. The plant is just that a plant, who seems to have a strong personality. Watching this guy and Capilis fight for king of the hill should be fun to watch. I told him he was going to get a education that he would get no place else on earth. Lets hope he is smart enough to learn, but never fear, he said he will go to "the Skeltons" for input, as well as others. The truth is none of these new people have a clue of the financial state this town is in or how we got there. Our only saving grace is the State officials hopefully will watch what is going on here and keep a eye on what we do financially. Bev.

  2. I asked Doug Morrisson what Holly was doing here ? Why isn't she gone ? This woman must have taken Markle's spiel literally. You know the line about "the selectmen being the superior Board" who could do what they want ! She has earned over two pages in the Audit Report for wrong doings, and cast a cloud over the people who do their jobs well in Town Hall. Only two bad apples made the barrel look bad, and that is not fair to the rest of the people in Town Hall. It is time for the selectmen to do their job. Bev.

  3. Beverly, I just wanted to dispel any misinformation that you may picked up from our discussion. I did not go to school for 5 years in an elaborate ruse to come back and act as a planted politician in our community. I am a highly educated man with experience in auditing, financials, and economics and thus I have my own, independent, opinions. I ran because I care about our community. I care about all demographics and the long term future of the generations to be. I value everyone's constructive opinions. When I had made mention of talking to the Skeltons they were also included in a long list of former politically involved people. I value their opinions as they are members of the community as I do anyone everyone's opinion. I also wished for you & Julie (who was present for the discussion) to keep in touch because I may need to pick your brains on issues just like I may have to ask questions to anyone who has served under similar conditions; all of which I mentioned in our conversation. However, the highlight may have been you hearing that I will reach out to a specific person you may not like but I assure you I listed several people including some whose opinions you hold higher. As a young selectman it is very important for me to grab as much insight from a wide variety of people from all walks of life to ensure I am not misguided.

    I have no intentions of creating quarrels for power within our community with Mr. John Capilis. I am here to work with everyone.

    I look forward to working with you Beverly and ultimately anyone within our community. As I stated, I value your opinion and wish to foster cordial & productive discussions. I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot and just wanted to express that we must learn to coexist for the betterment of this community.

  4. Bev,

    I think you should give Cam a chance to show you who he is and not put to much stock into assumptions, rumors and surmising.
    Cams been a good friend of my sons for most of their lives. I've known Cam to be an intelligent (and he knows it), capable young man. I voted for Julie based on her knowledge of the town and it's past issues/finances and simply Cams lack of "time" around these subjects locally.
    I'll say that I belive that if Cam applies himself to this new position in the manner I know he's capable of we will all benefit.
    My hope is that Cam takes information from many sources, is skeptical of them all and makes up his own mind. I do believe given the relevant facts Cam is more than capable of coming to a logical, fact driven conclusion. What more can you ask.
    I dont want emotional decisions. I don't want our BOS dragging children before voters to shame them into voting for a school. I want a board that manages the policies and procedure of the Town as a whole.

    Work with Cam. Aid him by supplying him with the most valuable thing you can, your experience and if in 3 years you dont feel he did right by the town vote against him then, but until then he needs to be supported as a vital member of our towns government.

    Just my Opinion as always.....

    1. Bob, thank you for your input on the blog. This is the only history of our Town that will exist for the future. To read what has happened to our government since 2011 gives the reader a good picture of how our government has failed it's people. This has happened for a variety of reason, but never the less, it is time for the bull shit to stop and a plan has to be worked out, to get ourselves out of the hole we are in. Part of the reason we have a deficit is the selectmen have no problem spending money that is not in the budget. We know the tooth fairy is not coming anytime soon to bail us out, so that leaves it to us, the taxpayers. Cam is on the board. Soon everyone will see what he is made of. I suggest he stop talking down to the town's people, they did not like it. Many felt he was doing that at candidate's night, because most of those people have forgotten more than he knows. As my grandmother always said, "you can't put a old head on young shoulders". Lets hope he works for all of the people in this town. I will be more than glad to give him a chance. Bev.

  5. Bev i sat in at candidates night and didn't feel the way you describe others said they did.
    I was kind of impressed and think he as an educated man be able to step up and help out.
    I give him credit to do so when he knows how bad the town has been politically for some time.