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Friday, May 5, 2017

Our Daily Dose

Fluoride Action Network is thrilled to announce the launch of “Our Daily Dose,” a brilliant and beautiful 20 minute film on fluoridation directed and produced by filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (director of the acclaimed documentary “GMO OMG”). Made with a deft artistry, the film packs a powerful punch.

Here is what people are saying about Our Daily Dose:

“Compelling and convincing, this film overturns the industry dogma on fluoride, exposing the toxic truth about what we put in our drinking water.”
-Lois Gibbs, Love Canal Hero and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“A much-needed clarion call on fluoride — the ‘miracle’ drug whose harmful legacy we are only now beginning to understand. If the safety of your food and water is important to you, watch this film!”
-Ed Begley Jr

“My career has been about making people aware of harmful exposures and the deception that often accompanies those exposures. Drinking water fluoridation is harmful, we’ve been deceived to believe it is safe, and with new found knowledge we must all act now to stop it.”
-Erin Brockovich

Please consider showing this amazing film in your community, and on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This movie will surely hasten fluoridation’s inevitable demise. Our task is to share it with as many people as possible, including through home screening parties, community meetings, and online social media.


The Team at FAN


  1. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. Fluoride is poison.

    When fluoride chemicals are added to municipal water supplies, poison is added to the municipal water supplies. It is impossible to calculate the individual risk factors regarding this poison, because the dose depends on the individual consumption of fluoridated water and the size of the individual.

    If a municipal water supply fluoridates municipal water, all businesses connected to the municipal water supply are dosing its customers with fluoride. The coffee shops, the bakeries, the restaurants, the breweries.

    Products sold in supermarkets like soda, reconstituted juices, most processed foods have been produced with fluoridated municipal water.

    When in doubt, get it out!

  2. Fluoride is a poison. Fluoride was poison yesterday. Fluoride is poison today. Fluoride will be poison tomorrow. Annual town meeting is quickly approaching time to learn even more about the enzymatic poison fluoride and how it is ruining the health of our community. When in doubt get it out.

    1. If I had a child or a baby there is no way I would let them drink Town water. I do not understand why this younger generation does not get it. They have access to so much information, you would think they would be smarter that this.

    2. The problem is the Dr. and Dentist,BOH the list goes on and on tell them its ok and good for you.
      They are brain washed and it's hard to unbrainwash a fluoridated person to think otherwise.

  3. Good point Dave. In the book Fluoride The Freedom Fight Moulenburg did experiments where baby chicks that had ingested fluoride would actually let you hold them in your hand. Baby chicks don't normally let you hold them in your hands the fluoride made them more docile and easier to control. Go figure.

    1. Are Mr & Mrs . BOH going to be responsible for the people who get sick due to their lack of common sense? Wait until proof comes out that this crap is deadly, or causes brain damage, or damage to people's organs ?

  4. In my opinion the only way to fix this wrong is with the first law suit.
    Once the first trial ends and the proof is accepted it will only then be changed.
    So for the issue of who brings the petitions to town meeting is a way for our people in town to stick their heads in the sand.I would guess they brushed it off every time it was brought in to vote on. The Dr. says its good the dentist says its good and on and on it goes.All the while not knowing the dose or if the system that puts it in the water is doing it right all the time. Or i guess they may think the system is perfect and never malfunctions. Must be a fact that all these people would laugh and vote no every time again and again. Hell even my daughter gives the fluoride to my new grandson. She is a Nurse Practitioner and when i talked to her she says it helps them build resiliency.
    This is what our newest training has to offer. It's to late for us but our children should at least do the home work and learn from the Iowa Tests and see from it the results.
    Watch the video before the town meeting and "THINK"

  5. More and More public water supplies are getting fluoride out.