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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Expenditure Budget vs. Actual

Expenditure Ledger Budget vs. Actual

THIS is the most recent Expenditure Budget to Actual which was reported by the Town Accountant on May 11, 2017.

This document helps to figure out which budget line items are on track, which budget line items are over expended, and which  budget line items are under expended. 

Below is a screenshot from page 4 of 17 :

It is difficult to see, but it indicates  for Dispatcher Wages:

Allocated                      Expended         Ending            % Var.
$264,389                   -$257,455.81       $6,933.19           97.38 

What this means is that out of the $264,389 allocated , there is only $6,933.19 remaining to pay dispatcher wages until June 30, 2017. Not looking too good.

At the end of the Advisory  Committee meeting last night, I was tasked with informing the selectmen of this issue. When I got home from the meeting, I immediately sent an email to inform concerned parties of this issue. I asked for a response.  So far nothing.

Roughly $5,084 is spent in dispatcher wages per week. There is NOT enough money in this account to pay dispatcher wages next week , nevermind the end of June.

Another concern came up in discussing this document. It appears that funds are being withdrawn from the Treasurer/Collector account, even though the Treasurer/Collector has not been seen for some time at Town Hall.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Highlights for today;

According to the latest budget versus actual - expenditures, there are several funds/accounts over spent - that is they show up as in deficit. My thought is that those things should be caught by both a department head and the accountant and the accountant should not let things be paid that will result in a deficit. I believe it is in the law or the guidelines for a Town accountant.

Another highlight is the salary fund/account for Templeton dispatch - on the expenditure side, it shows a balance left of $6,933.19 left for the year. I hope that is enough to pay the employees through the end of the fiscal year June 30, 2017.

A post here under the name anonymous is signed  " and thank you for all you do". That is the line at the end of every email I have ever seen and or received from Anne Gobi - Thanks for all you do.

Lets just say I do not believe in coincidences but perhaps someone has taken her line?

At last nights Advisory Committee meeting, there was a surprise attendee, newest selectmen Cameron Fortes. Wish he would have stayed until the meeting ended as there were a couple questions that he may have been able to answer. One thing he did comment on was that apparently the treasure/collector Kate Meyers is on some sort of administrative leave - as in home and getting paid with an option on the table to resign or not. Probably be July before the Town knows for sure.

posted by Jeff Bennett  
 Well. You never know.

Julie Farrell

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  1. One thing he did comment on was that apparently the treasure/collector Kate Meyers is on some sort of administrative leave.

    Fact is my pay check did not have her name on it as treasurer/collector today.
    If we are in backup mode for a treasurer/collector i would question why she would still be getting paid. The audit management letter tell the story of our finance department and it was a good story and praise for the Accountant we have now. I know of nothing good said about the former treasurer part of the job being done. Please point it out if there was any good about it i may have missed. After attempts to get the pay stubs to reflect information like the union contract agrees they will almost 2 years later still the required stub info is lacking. Maybe the new Treasurer will be able to get that done and not just blame it on the payroll company Harpers.