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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Failure to Communicate?

Wilfred Spring
Attachments4:41 PM (16 hours ago)

to PDeRensis, Paul, Diane, Selectman, Cameron, selectmen.morr.,, MA, Beverly, me, Robert, Darlene, Paul, Jeff, Kelli
To Carter Terenzini
Interim Town Administrator

Sorry for the delay in answering your email but it got lost between others and I do not always check my personal email on a regular basis.

I am not sure why your email was sent to my personal email and not to the Advisory Committee's email since this is official Town of Templeton business.  I am but one member of this Advisory Committee and not one of the other members were on copy. Let me point out that the original email was sent from the Advisory Committee’s email with its members on copy.  As you can see I have forwarded this email to the appropriate parties.

It has been clearly stated by you that a BvA would be issued monthly. I apologize if the request for information from the BvA was not clear enough as I assumed that the report was created but the Advisory Committee was not on copy.  Since this has been an issue that we are only getting paper copies of documents and not always receiving them in a timely manner.

Before I begin to answer some of your questions, I would like to point out that the transfer forms sent to the Advisory Committee seem to be edited versions.  We have not pushed back on these being the incorrect forms and yet still reviewed/discussed the items as issued by you.  The End of Year form and the End of Year policy were sent to you and all departments on Feb 6, 2017.  Please use these forms and comply with the policy. (Attachments)

Let me be clear the reason the transfer was not approved was that the Advisory Committee has received conflicting fund balances previously. If the BvA was received or the requesting parties were there to answer questions, as identified in the committee’s policy, it is my opinion that the transfer would have passed. You can see from the End of Year request form sent back to you that the vote was 5 NO and 2 YES along with the comments that an up to date BvA be issued. This request was formally done on 6/23/2017 asking that the End of Year request be resubmitted along with an electronic copy of the up to date BvA.

At this time the automatic scheduler of the Advisory Committee’s meeting on July 5th will be cancelled. Our next meeting will be July 12, 2017. It was felt that if the BOS waited to make another End of Year transfer until their July 10th meeting it would make sense to reschedule the Advisory Committee’s meeting to July 12th.

I have provided Town Council with a copy of this email so he can be aware of the reason for the delay in payment of the bill. I would suggest that with the $8,000 balance that is in the Town council expense account a partial payment could be made to them.

I would like to reiterate that I prefer not to receive town business emails only to me and lacking copies to the Advisory Committee email and other members of the Advisory Committee.  I have indicated to you in the past this is not how town business should be handled.

Wilfred Spring
Advisory Committee Chairman

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  1. Should the title read "ANOTHER failure to communicate" if we are going for accuracy.