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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Waterly Circle" ?

Wikileaks Buys Recovered Image Of All 33,000 Deleted Clinton Emails, 
Sends Her This Message:

After a brilliant Australian hacker found a US metadata cache on a Chinese spy satellite, his team went to work and ultimately produced an image of Hillary Clinton’s email server taken just 4 days before the first ever public mention of an email scandal. In other words, all 33,000 deleted emails are alive and well.

The first thing the team did was disappear back to Australia for their own safety from a conference in Venice, complete with a $1 million prize. They then released an index of the contents by significance. 1100 were “for further review while some had already been found in the in/sent box with codeword clearance level indicators.

Wikileaks, operating separately from Julian Assange for the time being, has purchased all of the emails and is promising to do some serious damage to Hillary Clinton. After only 1-hour of review they sent this message to Clinton:

“Confess. It’s your only hope. You know what you deleted, Madam Secretary. So do we. Confess to what you know we know and we’ll go easy on you. Otherwise it will be a long and painful struggle for you, your husband and your daughter.

To show you we’re serious: Waterly Circle.”

So far nobody has been able to figure out what or where “Waterly Circle” is but we’re assuming we’ll find out when Clinton again ignores the warnings and her emails are destroying her life.


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