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Monday, June 12, 2017

Meetings the Week of June 12, 2017

Meetings the Week of June 12, 2017

Monday  6/12/17
Liars Club                          PCS Town Hall*             6:30 pm
BOH                                  PCS Town Hall*             7:00 pm

Tuesday  6/13/17
Assessors                           PCS Town Hall*            4:00 pm 
 Planning                           PCS Town Hall*            6:30 pm   

Wednesday 6/14/17
Berkshire Wind                Wakefield                      10:00 am
Housing                            Bridge St                        4:00 pm 
Water                                Bridge St                        6:00 pm
Light                                 Bridge St                        7:00 pm

Thursday 6/15/17
Economic                        PCS Town Hall*             9:00 am

* Pauly Cosentino Sr. Town Hall


  1. From the Liars club agenda

    4. New Business:
    a. Interview RE: Town Administrator

    Anyone going to ask what experience this candidate has with construction and overseeing the largest capital project in Templeton's history?

    What about procurement and following 30B rules and regs?

    What about accurate annual reports?

  2. No questions from the public are allowed and with the quality of the people who made up the search committee why question anything.

  3. It's kinda funny actually. I just went to the Rutland Town page that details the criteria they used in 2014 to search of a TA. I believe Sheila was on the BOS that came up with the guidelines. Guess who doesn't meet the standards?

  4. I have to say that tonights meeting of the BOS was both enlightening and frustrating. It was nice to see the BOS respond to citizens comments and questions. I thought Mr Caplis did a nice job running the meeting.

    I was however disheartened by what I can only say people defending "feelings". I mentioned we should follow Policy/Procedure to avoid feelings then I get a rebuttal by Mrs. Brooks that didn't even relate. She first states 2 individuals dont qualify for rollover. Then defends voting to allow them to roll over vacation by bringing in an imaginary 30 yr employee loosing 50 hrs of pay questioning me as to "should we risk loosing the employee?" Seriously, this fictitious person worked here 30 yrs and still cannot follow the collective bargaining agreement. Maybe we should risk it. Maybe if we followed our policies these same employees wouldn't be "at risk" as they would be SURE of the outcome.

    I've heard Cam say over and over again. "IT'S IN THE PAST" well tonight was a prime reason why it matters. Doug M chimed in saying that in the past 10 years they have not denied a rollover, now it's 11.
    I think 11 years of not following Policies and Procedures is 11 to many. I dont think saying, Hey, we haven't followed the rules for a decade, why start now gets us any closer to a functioning government.

    Those who forget their past are condemned to repeat themselves! Are we condemned, appears so..........

  5. Bob if you agree on a 5 day roll over and choose to not allow it what would that say about the agreement you are violating?
    30 year person was non union and was stated just a a what if comment.
    When i was on the negotiation team Markel was the one who wished to continue the roll over.
    No requirement other than the BOS need to approve it.
    As stated last night we have never not allowed it and why start now.
    So i guess the policies need to be revamped to reflect reality and standards we now have.