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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Don't Look Back, or You'll turn to Salt

Generation Snowflake Ignore THIS blog!  It might "trigger" you.

March 26, 2011

Pauly's Response to Bob C.'s letter to the gardner news


March 15, 2012

Our nice town of Templeton     


March 17, 2012

Just how stupid are we taxpayers?


May 20, 2012

Templeton under siege 2012


May 31, 2012

Going to Boston?





  1. More than a feeling, don't look back. BOSTON is one of the best and after 40 years old the songs still have the ability to get the vibe out.
    If only Templeton could have their own song to get this town back on track.
    After 250+ years Templeton can only talk about the debt and foolish moves it has made,or are still making!

    1. Looking back at the blog that Pauly started is pain full. The cast of characters are many, and not forgotten. Just how many of those complaints, got put out of the reach of the authorities who could have made this town a different place ? Were the rewards worth it for the people who had to pay up, for wrong doings being fixed, and as payment being held in a position they did not want ? Someday I will ask Scrappy how hard this really was ? Pauly was a self made man, a man who had standards that not to many people could understand, but I did. Did the stress from this constant wrong doing, by our public officials help kill him and my friend Gladys ? What has it cost this town in tax dollars ? Trust me, you really do not want to know, because it would make you sick too. Pauly was right about the cost on the working families and retired people that still live in this town. With the cost of the school and the police station, increasing way beyond any thing the people were told, and along with the money thrown away for useless projects, taxes will be crippling. When someone asks, why didn't anyone do anything, I will tell them to go talk to the few of us who are left, and we can explain how we were let down by the Boston politicians. If you believe that money and political pull do not count, I have another bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Carter thinks the "war stories" are a joke, well I am not laughing. Just to make things perfectly clear, I am not about to resign from the Advisory Committee. No how, no way ! I still think that in the end the good guys will come out on the top, but I guess that is the romantic in me. I do know, I will not stop fighting for the people in my town, who do not deserve to be drained financially by people with their own adjendas.