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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Not Your Grandmother's MEME

Not Your Grandmother's MEME

So, what's a meme?

Define ironic:

See how much fun this is!


  1. I guess people should not throw rocks, especially if they live in a glass house ! Maybe it is time for another show and tell ? Explaining what we need to get a bond rating, just incase some people did not see the first one, or understand it. Question of the day ? How do we pay off the BAN if we can not afford the loan ?

  2. Grow up! No wonder no one wants to serve our town. First d New hobby rather than harassing the new selection.

  3. As always, no one is under any obligation to read the postings on this blog.

    Don't like it, don't read it.

    Have a great day!

  4. Bev with the new tax rates we will have the amounts needed for the projects voted in.

  5. David,

    Look at our past expense vs revenue. Since 2004 we have more revenues reported than expenses every single year. Not following regulations cost us huge and hurt the town financial condition massively. We've had years with $500,000 plus in excess revenues..............

    Dont look here though, someone might get upset.

    Dave any word on those ZBA meeting minutes?

  6. Check with the BOS office on the minutes.
    On another note!
    Bob so how about the settlements from the former BOS.
    You could ask a member of the AC to get the facts about the releases of a former coordinator who was paid a large sum for the out of court decision to not go to trial.

    Do we have any idea if the procedures were followed or was a personal issue involved our former selectman members poor decisions.
    Thank you LISA for your comment it helps to hear from people who read and don't hide behind a anonymous tag.
    Thank you to all who comment,your all welcome and with the various thoughts you bring make Templeton a better place for us all.

  7. David, aren't you a member of the Board of appeals? It's not the BOS responsibility to create and keep your minutes is it? I thought in all that OML stuff it said something like "each Board is responsible for............"

    I'm just asking as it seems like accurate, complete records would be very important, never mind required. Who is the scribe, clerk of your Board? It's not distinguished on the list.

  8. Come to our next meeting and i would think you could be granted access.
    Another place could be to see the planning clerk for the file.
    Sort of like the executive sessions it's takes time to approve them and file.
    We don't meet on a regular time frame,only when issue don't get past the B.I.
    Ever try to read the TMLWP minutes?

    But thanks for asking Robert
    Many tax payers dollars were spent to quiet the people who were wronged and let the town off the hook for BOS actions.
    Lets not forget these things when we hire and fire.
    As we found out Monday the highway salary account was raided to pay for another BOS decision that may wind up doing the same thing again.
    Will the highway be needing to fund other attorney issues for the A.C. soon.
    I hear rumors and the source is good. Wish i could share.

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  11. Tired of lame memes?

    Here's a thought, don't look at them.

    I'm TIRED