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Saturday, June 3, 2017


From Debt Peons To Wage Slaves - Are Students A 'Class'?



  1. Watch the video George wouldn't lie about this stuff.
    I like the part around the 4:50 minute mark.
    Feels like it. Would the JEFFY and Bob M. be on board with that?
    They don't give an F about you!!!

  2. Hey Davey,

    Did you vote for the school. So you're just starting the indebtedness earlier. Kids who attend this overpriced megamess will still be paying for it when they are having kids. They will also be paying to repair

    They will probably be supporting their parents to, especially if they were government employees whose pensions have collapsed due to over-promised, underfunded pensions. It's estimated the US has 100 trillion in unfunded government pensions. Thats on top of the 300 trillion worldwide in private unfunded pensions.

    So we are not funding the promised pensions now and haven't and somehow we are going to do this when? Government debt is only increasing in %. It's not getting better, lessening, so how is this all going to magically happen unless we start to get realistic.

    In the past city, town, state workers made a little less pay, but benfits were above average and stability was high. Now government employees make more on average then private sector workers when benefits are included. Federal employees made 72% more on average than private sector in 2014 when benefits were included. That was a $52,000 difference in costs per employee.

    In 2012 the average fed,state, local employee to private sector comparison was private sector average $44,600 per year. During the same period, government workers reported an average annual salary of $51,840 -- $7,240 per year more than private-sector employees.

    So, rather than say I dont give an F about people, how about we get closer to the truth and say I give a F about the majority of the people overpaying for services.

    You Dave dont appear to give an F about the taxpayer as long as "you get yours"!

  3. Feel a little different when it pointed at you Bob?
    Federal employees made. Apples to Apples please Bobby.
    Bobby the fact is the taxes we pay when the value of a dollar earned is still low.
    Look around we are one of the lowest/were and now we will be more where it should have been.
    Like the town workers hear it from you and Jeffy,don't like it sell and move. No one has to stay it's your option. Why should any town workers go without due to lack of taxpayers being under effort! They pull their weight and then are asked to get put on hold for lack of funds.
    Bobby can give all the f he wants for the people who have had it great tax wise,while whining the Jeff stories.
    School,the first round i voted yes. I could see the need like any person with sight could. After the lie about TC only being a place holder i changed my vote.
    I hope you don't think the 47-50 million will cover it.
    I would think there is room to inflate that price as time has delayed the start it was sure to increase the price. You know with the code changes for electrical and heating systems now need to be more efficient.
    So when they open the new school and figure out the budget to run and staff it how much of a over ride will the AC recommend the BOS ask for.
    School,Police station, over rides, highway equipment,road repairs, we should just use the salt only and see how that goes too. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BOOM!
    So you see if you think the taxes are high and bad now. You should prepay for a funeral it's now around 9,000.00 and lock in your price as it will go up too.
    I pay my 8270.00 in real estate taxes and have paid taxes since 1978.
    I don't expect them to go down and wages shouldn't either.
    Pony up like the rest of us who "choose" to stay in beautiful Templeton Mass.
    Those who get what they want go to town meetings and vote.
    We all get the same chance,don't we Bobby?

  4. Davey,

    Did you read..............Or did you pick and choose like usual. Federal, State and LOCAL employee to private sector comparison was private sector average $44,600 per year. During the same period, government workers reported an average annual salary of $51,840 -- $7,240 per year more than private-sector employees.

    The above numbers do not even begin to account for benefit packages!!!!!

    Apples to Apples..............then compare you compensation package to the comparable private sector compensation package and stop only mentioning "wages".
    I'll use comparableness when you do. You keep comparing town workers salaries with private sector wages. It's not apples to apples, so why do it?

    The school is going to kill this towns finances, period.

    This towns taxes were not cheap. They were appropriately based on services. Look at how much the government has grown over the past few decades. Much faster than the population grew. How about Police 30 yrs ago till now as just one example.......maybe a 1000% increase in staff. This while the Towns population increased 50%??

    You pay $8270 in taxes because you own property valued at $514,000 in Templeton. You pay the same $16.12 per $1000 as everyone else.

    No we dont all get the same chance David, not at all. The Town meeting issue a joke. Its a yea or nah about a pre determined issue like the school override votes. When 200 people show up to a town meeting, most due to rescind issue, voters dont feel represented.

    The overrides either go the planned way or we re-vote until they do.

    Hey Dave, Does posting a meeting agenda at 4:14PM on Thursday, when Town offices are closed Friday constitute a 48 hour notice to a Monday 6:30PM meeting? I ask this because they exclude Saturday, Sunday, legal Holidays from the 48 hrs. Does a Town Hall being closed count as time???


  5. So the school employees are part of your lob-sided stat. Great news we get to tow the line for them on the wage farce too.
    It's posted 24 hours a day on both the town web site/official way and also the lighted meeting booth behind the town hall.

    When i add the hrs for this posting i get the required minimum amount needed.
    If you voted to change the rules for Friday's it would not count?
    At 4:14 pm on Monday you get the required posting time.
    Pay for any job is often miscalculated unless you have done the job in question.
    Risk factor,we get nothing for! I could go on and on about what we get for what we do.
    Thing is for years we have been under effort on the tax income side in this town and before it levels off there will be pain enough to go around.
    I was once told by a intelligent former boss if you can't afford to own a home in Templeton you won't find it any cheaper in other towns.
    I pass that advise and add move there if you can't afford it here.

  6. It's not so much about affording as it is about spending foolishly.

    David, On the hours till meeting point. My point was this. The 48 hrs is for a reason. They dont count Saturdays, Sundays and legal Holidays because on those days access to Town records is not available. In Templeton they are not available Friday-Sunday and legal Holidays.
    Anyways, thanks for the attempt.

    David.......risk factor, on and on..........what do you think your pay is for???? Do we have to break out every nickel and what it pays for?

    That intelligent boss, did he tell you the same things about your job?????

  7. We are all entitled to our opinions and like the sun rise every day we get it.
    Just because we see things differently makes no difference to me.
    I look for the facts and draw a conclusion from them.
    Some think they know the facts and like last night are stuck with just an opinion that was wrong.
    So have Bev call some more names and not know what the facts are.
    If you vote to change the required 48 hrs and drop the friday you will get the facts needed to fulfill your opinion, It's that simple Bobby!
    So we need road money and it's cheaper in Templeton so pony up and stop the whiners so they will have other things to label people for.