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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Lamentations of Public Officials

The Lamentations of Public Officials

So how does one "shitpost memes" as a public official? 

One of the more pressing issues facing Templeton politicians:

  1. My personal favorite is this one:

    Cameron Fortes‏

    Templeton is going to get such a revival. Working out a 5 year plan with no more debt, no higher taxes, and no more petty politics.

    1. Does that mean we are going to sell the Light Company, so we can finally get some revenue out of it ?
  2. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone,

    Glad my twitter feed is getting the recognition it deserves.

    My personal favorite tweet is "So what is the wage gap between all 58 genders?"

    Make sure you guys there will be some other good tweets!

    Your Selectman,
    Cameron Fortes
  3. Thomas Taylor3:55 PM
    Bold Move
  4. #1: "I have socks older than you." "You don't have the experience needed to run a town" I suppose this guys socks do..

    Let me guess a Anonymous comment?
  5. Anonymous8:41 PM
    seems like we have a PIG for a new selectman, and no Dave I'm not Jeff but I do get a paycheck from Templeton. and Dave all you got out of the above post was socks???? The town of Templeton has elected an immature little twerp who disrespects women and people in general.
    1. Anonymous8:03 PM
      This is Severely FAKE NEWS this person has no idea who Cameron is or what he stands for.
  6. I take it your female also!
    It was a comment on the previous comment.
    My socks wear out to soon due to the steel toe boots i need to wear.
    Keep hiding!
    Fill us in!
  7. OK, so lets end this I was the writer of the "socks" comment and the "lack of experience".
    I have a pair of socks I had when I was a kid. They are hand made winter socks that I just never liked but wont throw based on who made them.
  8. Anonymous1:02 PM
    I want to o know why Cam sat out on interviews for "ethical reasons"
  9. Ask him.............. He has posted his email address.
  10. TempletonKingPin8:56 PM
    I've heard our new select"man" is an Esoteric Pagan. Watch the occult rituals start coming into selectman meetings! Should get him out ASAP.

    -t. Spurdo Sparde



  1. I guess more people should have run and gave us a better field to pick from?
    More people should vote.
    As the saying goes you get the government no matter what!!!

  2. I wish the comments that were removed from the other blog could show up here i missed them on the other cut and paste one.