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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

C. Y. A.

In the blog post Procedures. Policies. Pins. , 

I detailed how I was asked to serve on the search committee for Treasurer/Collector by the town administrator.

The request:
From: townadministrator []
Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 2:45 PM
To: Julie Farrell
Cc: 'Kelli Pontbriand'
Subject: Treasurer/Collector

Good Day:

Although the By-Law amendment providing for AC members to sit on ad hoc screening committees has not yet come back formally approved by the AG’s Office,  I am confident enough that there will not be any problem with it that I would like to invite you to participate as a member of the Team to interview candidates for the position of Treasurer/Collector.

These are tentatively set for the afternoon of 06/21 or 06/22.  

Please let me know at your first convenience that I might loop you in on the process.

Many Thanks

Carter Terenzini
Interim Town Administrator
Town of Templeton
160 Patriots Road
East Templeton, MA 01438
(978) 894-2753
My response:
Julie Farrell
Jun 13 (2 days ago)

to townadministra., Kelli, MA, Selectman, Diane, Cameron, Doug, Julie 

Good evening:

Sorry for the delay in my response to your request to serve on the ad hoc screening committee to secure a treasurer collector.

I believe the proper procedure to have a member of the Advisory Committee serve on an ad hoc committee would be to go through the chairman of the Advisory Committee. Then this discussion could take place at an Advisory Committee meeting.

I thought this message had been sent to the Advisory Committee but looking back at the email thread, I realize that is incorrect.

It would be inappropriate for me to serve on any ad hoc committee as an Advisory Committee member without the knowledge, consent and vote of the Advisory Committee.


Julie Farrell 
I have since filed an Open Meeting Law Complaint 
against the Templeton BoS and specifically "Your Selectman Cameron Fortes" 
The tap dancing begins:

12:51 PM (16 hours ago)

to me, Kelli, MA, Selectman, Diane, Cameron, Doug, Julie
Good Day:

Thanks for your follow-up but I had been asking you as an individual.  Had I been asking you to represent the AC; you are correct and I would have approached the Chair of the AC to have him (or the AC) designate someone to serve.

Many Thanks

Carter Terenzini
Interim Town Administrator

Town of Templeton
160 Patriots Road
East Templeton, MA 01438
(978) 894-2753 

Julie Farrell 


  1. C'mon, seriously? This isn't remotely funny anymore. How else can this be interpreted other than the TA straight up lied! Seriously, the TA's own words in the same email chain speak against his explanation.

    How can this be ignored. It comes across as more than just "forgetfulness" and almost feels like coercion in an attempt to have an AC member actively violate by-laws.

    How do our Town Executives justify keeping this person on the job?

    It's in the past, nothing to see here, move on...............Wow!

    My opinion says this person cannot be trusted, period, but I'm probably just a hater right Dave?

  2. It appears Templeton will keep searching for a Town Administrator as the Selectman passed on our two most recent candidates.

    I only saw one interview and am glad they passed.

    1. At least Carter did not have anyone dead this time around. I took it that he had chosen Julie from the members of the Advisory Committee. Why not, she is a very smart woman, who has knowledge about what it would take to be on this committee. The thing is, the AG did not approve our change to the Town Meeting By-Law yet. A rule is a rule, unless you are a member of the "Superior Board", then things are different.

  3. Well Bob if you say so it must be.Check the color of the pot first before the labeling.
    I have plugged Julie as a person who has a huge amount of knowledge on town issues to Carter during many meetings and hearings.
    I can understand Carter asking her and with a deadline of the 21st here the time frame didn't fit. Sort of like the Capital improvement Bob has a issue with too.
    Take a road project for instance when they meet would they know squat about what the project needs are. Just stamp and build,grind,pave. No rockets here in Templeton and never any cap committee to go to. Not to mention it's not town money it's ch90 funds that need approval from people who know better.
    Owe bother as pooh would say.
    It's getting to be just like Disney around here with the actors we now have.
    So how much TROUBLE are the AC members now in over their comments?
    Can Wil get another team in place or will there be a stain left from this matter.
    What will that AG do about this clear violation and attitude festering environment.
    Stay tuned,Buckle up,get ready,Templetons finest moments could be getting closer.

    1. Dave..............Please inform how the AC member are in trouble? Since you know.
      The only violation was that of the Selectman but you dont even mention it because you HATE.

      Glad that you promote violating the regulations. Thats never got Templeton in TROUBLE.

      Oh, you mean the Chapter 90 money we were required to use based on not following the regulations regarding the Capital Plan. Nothing in the by-law says "only file if you believe the committee will be staffed properly by the BOS to have a quorom" Dave must be right

  4. On the webpage today.

    Is this acceptable Dave????

    Friday November 24, 2017 All other offices closed

    Thursday December 21, 2018 Town Hall closes at noon for Christmas Eve Observance

    Friday December 23, 2018 All other offices close at noon-Christmas Eve Observance

    Monday December 25, 2017 Christmas Day- All offices closed

    Thursday December 28, 2018 Town Hall closes at noon for New Years Eve Observance

    Friday December 30, 2016 All other office close at noon-New Years Eve Observance

    Monday January 1, 2018 New Years Day- All offices closed

    Monday January 15, 2018 Martin Luther King Day-All offices closed

    Monday February 19, 2018 Presidents Day- All offices closed

    Monday April 17, 2017 Patriots Day- All offices closed

    Monday May 29, 2017 Memorial Day- All offices closed

    Is this the professional results we get for our money? Is this how you want your town represented?

    1. Update: The Holiday Page has been "fixed". Now the dates are right we are just using multiple fonts.............progress .............

      Look, pointing things out does change stuff!!!!!

    2. Good job! I know it takes some time.

      I kept pointing out the tree growing out of the Tucker Building chimney. It took years of posting that picture of the TREE growing out of the chimney before it was addressed, but last year that tree was removed.

      It went on so long that some people were calling it a "branch"! It was NOT a branch. It was a TREE! GROWING OUT OF A CHIMNEY!! The leaves on the TREE turned color every fall. The new leaves came out EVERY spring. It was a TREE.

      As a homeowner, if you go to sell your house and there is a TREE growing out of your chimney, wouldn't you address that? Why it took so long to address is beyond me. What I do know is that if I did nothing, that TREE would still be there.

  5. Yes Bob they call them holidays and no wonder there must have been guys like you all along to create the need for this amount of time off.
    I don't blame you bob but i do wonder about you.
    What did you do with pal Jeff.
    Seem awful quiet for him!
    Why don't you take a day off and think about your past Bob!

  6. David, Open you eyes. Notice the dates on the list? Wish you luck taking December 30, 2016 off? How about December 21,23, 28 in this year or are you willing to wait till next?

    No wonder this doesn't bother you, you dont even notice it. Blind following blind.

    David, "Shame,Shame, Shame" is so childish and is pointless crap designed to get your way. I, unlike you, know the facts and carry no Shame. Keep getting personnel as you bring nothing else. You love throwing stones. I'm not playing that game. I want to fix the town government. You dont even recognize its broke.

    I'm glad you find me important enough to rent space in your head, it's not mutual.

  7. Bob i see 8 days listed or more that could be spent in a truck plowing the town out if there are storms. So if you don't like the way the past has gone tough.
    There are other places to live but you'll pay higher taxes and most likely there won't be Uncle Pauly's Blog to post your opinions.
    So i guess "i' can say your welcome. owe and allowed too!
    Uncle Pauly wanted the blog shut down and after talking about it a couple times we thought it would be better with no comment section.
    We settled on a id type and i can always shut down the comment section if desired.
    When the anonymous got out of hand that was the best option at the time.
    For better or worse i think we made the right choice for Templeton.
    Game time!!

  8. I guess no one else is allowed a typo but you.
    You have the Jeff gene your repeating yourself.
    You said that line already.
    You method will only push away volunteers we need.
    Can't you see that,they don't get paid.
    You are in the middle and cause more advil use than the bottle holds.
    Boy do they think ##### about you.
    Like you never had any typo?
    As Uncle would say!
    Just think about your past!!!

  9. Lol.................

    Who input that data Dave??? Which non paid employee. If they ###### me so much maybe they'll pay attention to what they do. I like how you fell I should care about upsetting these folks, but they shouldn't be concerned at all with the work they provide as its fine unless its pointed out by a #####.

    Remember you advice to me yesterday about typos david. That only applys to me on the blog right?

    Is that "You method" or is our webpage run and managed by volunteers and not a paid Administrative Assistant?

  10. How does this stuff ever get fixed if its not pointed out by someone.

    Please fill me in on the "make no waves" management technique you propose to fix everything in Town David. C'mon, shine some light on us #######, please. Enlighten me on how you've had it figured out all along and we should just sit back, relax and ...............

  11. I guess no one else is allowed a typo but you.
    You said you don't think about it Bob.
    Think about it.
    Look things over a little try harder to catch those typos.
    With the smaller work force comes less time for the force to check and recheck things.
    Did you bring the typo to the attention of the persons office who did it.
    Do you want them removed for it.
    Hurry and call the AG the IG and the big don if you think they will give a sweet one about it.
    Good luck Bob!
    It was ##### and not the ###### so get it right or not at all.
    It's looking like your thought process is a little out of "whack".
    Get it?

  12. You honestly just dont have a clue do you?

    You equate typing on a blog to being paid to perform a task.

    I notified Carter as this is on our front page of the town website. I'll leave the notification of the AG and IG to You and your buddy Selectman Fortes.

    Keep checking for typos on the blog david, that will fix the Town.

  13. I'm sure perfect Bob has never been i Hot water or made a typo but rest assured you just might. Please let us know how you make out with the AG and the violation.
    That will make an interesting Blog.
    So do you know how much of the pay was for the typo error and was that a added on function over the normal workload already tasked for it do to help shortages.
    How will Bob pointing out a towns typo on this Blog help?
    I do have a clue and when guy's like you and Jeff do what you do it makes me clueless as to why. There are better ways but to retrain you would be pointless too.