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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Full Circle - Again!

Full Circle - Again!

The meeting with the representatives from the Department of Revenue went well. 

A far cry from the last meeting on January 11, 2010:

Attending from the DOR were Sean Cronin, Zach Blake, MJ Handy, and Deb Wagner. Senator Gobi was in attendance as well.

Some takeaways:
Sean Cronin: "The DOR is here to help Templeton." 
Templeton needs sound policies and procedures. 
Templeton faces significant financial challenges. 
It's not going to be easy. 
We need to work together.

MJ Handy: Templeton has spent more than it has budgeted. 
This should serve as a wakeup call.
DOR is committed to working with Templeton.
Reconciliations need to occur in a timely fashion.


Will free cash be certified for the Fall special town meeting?
 Once the audit for FY 2017 is complete, then free cash should be certified shortly thereafter.

 The shortfall of $212,000 can be handled with Free Cash after a special town meeting vote, once Free Cash is certified. If not, then the FY 18 budget will need to be cut by that amount.

Will the FY 2018 tax rate be set on time?
Right now, the FY 2018 tax rate is on track to be set on time. 
Town departments can begin entering information right now the tax recapitulation sheet (recap).

Do monthly reconciliations include the Budget v. Actual?
Yes. They do.

Did the DOR know about the reduction in stabilization from $142,000 to $95,000?
No, they did not. But it is not unexpected due to the lack of accurate bookkeeping over the years to track the town meeting votes and post them accurately.

Does the Town need a bond rating to borrow for the elementary school project?
Yes. It does. The process for regaining a bond rating is underway. 
The $5 million BAN for the Elementary school project can be spent only on redesign costs, not bids for construction and demolition.
The Templeton Advisory Committee has some policies in place to help the town regain its ability to borrow money.

Other takeaways

The DOR will facilitate the arrangement of sharing a Town Manager/Administrator with Winchendon. A subcommittee will be working on that effort.

It was stated that the BoS and the DOR have been working on a "gantry" to address the financial issues outlined in the DOR letter from May 23, 2017. 

This advisory committee member, Julie Farrell, eagerly awaits the new spirit cooperation between the selectmen and advisory committee. The possibility of receiving financial documents in a timely fashion is most welcome.

In this new spirit of cooperation, the selectboard will be voting at tonight's meeting to file open meeting law complaints against the Advisory Committee and asking for Advisory Committee members resignations (if the reporting in the Gardner News is accurate.) 

Full circle - Again!

Julie Farrell



  1. Oh my, they have not got that done yet ? Do I plan to resign from the Advisory Committee ? No I will not. I did not give up my right to my personal opinion to be on the Advisory Committee. I have never blogged or written about Advisory Committee business any place but at the meetings we have in Town Hall. Last nights meeting was interesting. I think the only problem is that if people have a problem, why grandstand in front of the whole town, unless you are looking for sympathy ? None of us are living on the moon. If there is a problem come and speak to one of us. I am sure you would get better results. I really feel the people on the Advisory Committee got thrown under the bus last night and I am sick of it. I will write a letter to the citizens of this town and explain the abuse some of our members have encountered just trying to get our job done. All I have ever asked of the members of the Select. Board is for them to make good informed decisions. They have been the people who have not worked with us, if the truth was told. I look forward to the new Administrator. He will make all the difference in the world. Maybe some of the crap will stop, and the Town will finally run right. This is my opinion. Bev.

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  3. As One of the administrators of this blog i feel it's time to only allow posts that are of a civil nature without name calling and insults from the people who post comments.
    The past comments and also some blog posts have shown to be from hast and will be no longer tolerated.
    As my uncle Pauly said to me shut it down if it is not what you think it should be.
    Please read it but comments will be restricted if allowed at all.
    A total shut down of this blog will be done if it is whats best for Templeton.
    Thank you!

  4. As a Winchendon resident I'm curious what folks in Templeton think of the move to have a shared TM with Winchendon? Personally I'm not in favor of the idea. Winchendon needs a full-time TM, and I suspect with everything going on in Templeton you guys need more than a 1 or 2 days a week TM.

  5. Hi Kevin,

    I'm not sure what other people think, but I think for Templeton it is worth a try. I don't think anyone is sure how the arrangement will be structured at this point. What is important to me is that the DOR supports the concept and is willing to work on the details.

    I don't want Winchendon to to lose out, but from what I've read and heard, your town manager has facilitated a turnaround in Winchendon. That's what Templeton needs. Someone as town administrator who can facilitate and bring people together to make the difficult decisions that will be necessary for Templeton's financial stability.

    Templeton has a lot of turf wars going on. Templeton needs someone who will treat the town administrator position with integrity and HONESTY.

    Those are my thoughts and opinions on the issue.

    Julie Farrell