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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Death Benefits for All

Death Benefits for All

Senate plan would extend on-duty death benefits to all public employees

This a big deal for public employees across the state, via Andy Metzger at SHNS:

“If a teacher, building inspector or any other public employee is killed in the performance of his or her duties, the deceased's family would be entitled to a one-time $300,000 death benefit, under a budget amendment adopted by the Senate last week. Firefighters, correction officers and other public safety employees' families are already entitled to the line-of-duty-death benefit.”

Sen. Eric Lesser filed the amendment to assist the family of a Longmeadow public works employee who was recently killed when a plow train struck his truck.


  1. I hope BOBBY M. chimes in on the risk we all get paid for already!!
    Bet he won't?

  2. David, How about we make it for everyone who gets killed while working? How about everyone who is killed?
    Why not pilots, bus drivers, taxi drivers all get a $300,000 check from taxpayers if killed in the line of duty.

  3. David, I dont know the circumstances, but it seems the truck driver drive in front of an oncoming train. Tragic, sure, but how come the town should pay $300,000 because of driver error?

    This is a hack Senator doing the knee jerk reaction to a tragedy and make a law that is a disaster. Typical MA political BS. This is how we get "joe's law" Jessies law" " billy's law"........

  4. I don't believe the insurance would cost the 300k to provide the benefit.
    Because they are the employer would be the reason.
    Life insurance is still cheep when it comes to the amount the town shells out for combined insurance.
    When my uncle was killed working for the Gardner DPW a payment of 30k was provided and with expenses what they are today think about the strain of a family who lives pay to pay.
    His Name was Billy.
    I fully support this law and with the risk factor higher now don't think the pay we get now covers the costs if we are a statistic.

  5. David, why not do like every person in the private sector who has this issue and buy life insurance. Why do the taxpayers need to supply you with everything?

    I believe this law is abusive to taxpayers, period.

  6. Great too hear your opinion Bob.
    I do have life insurance on us both.
    You missed the point of the risk i mentioned before and your opinion doesn't account for the jobs us with a higher risk have.
    I don't blame you and don't agree with your opinion that's all.

  7. But being aware the job you took for the pay you take was dangerous you bought private life insurance. I do understand you want more pay, who doesn't. But saying your not getting paid for your risk, really. Who fooled you into accepting the job? At some point the only increases in pay should be inflation.

  8. The life insurance we have is from long ago and nothing to do with any job it was more about how the family would be left if anything were to happen on any job.
    No one fooled me into this job but i can say at the time there were 34 others who wanted it.
    The same could be said for the taxes we pay as you feel the workers should shoulder the cost to live.
    Look around a bit and think about it. You will only get what you ask for and after many years of being told no and watching the town implode why would we settle for the same story. Taxes in Templeton were the problem and with it the people who ran the town are the ones who put themselves first and were paid to do it.
    This town will only slip further into a deeper pit until we hire the people to run it the way it needs to be run. I would also say until those who don't understand what has been told to them over and over should move over and allow some who can understand it to help lead us out of this pit. This time when we get a person to be a T.A. and loose him/her due to lack of pay scale or job definition it will show the people in town we still don't have the people who need to make the decision of what we need to pay for it. Things you and other struggle with.

  9. We have agreement I believe!!!!!!!!!! I feel we could pay a qualified TA more money a end up saving significantly as our history has shown. I'm not sure the ones we've had have even been worth paying or having...........but