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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Conspiracy Central

Conspiracy Central
The latest conspiracy theory is that the BoS are deliberately violating the Open Meeting Law to demonstrate to the state how OML complaints tie up "valuable" resources of time and energy of the selectmen? 

From Templeton Watch

Anonymous8:10 PM
I think it's a conspiracy! Maybe Julie or Pete can advise or school me.

Dear Anon 8:10 pm

Here at Conspiracy Central, the entire OML issue looks like a big DISTRACTION if not a false flag event.

It truly is not that difficult to post a meeting according to the Open Meeting Law.


A DISTRACTION from the real financial issues facing this community and the leadership's inability to deal with these real financial issues.

There is a meeting with the Department of Revenue scheduled for WEDNESDAY Night (at least as of this moment in time - could change?) This meeting has been scheduled at the request of the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE - BUREAU OF LOCAL ACCOUNTS - DIVISION OF LOCAL SERVICES.


I would urge as many people as possible to attend...if it is held.

THIS LETTER was sent to the BoS on May 23, 2017. It was forwarded to the Advisory Committee around June 7, 2017. Everyone should READ it!

This document indicates a shortfall of $211,000 that will need to be remedied. If there is NO Free Cash, which is certified by the DOR, then cuts will need to be made to FY 18 budget. FY 18 budget has a $100,000 deficit to begin the New Year (Fiscal - July 1, 2018).

There may be difficulties setting the FY 18 tax rate. The lack of a tax rate further exacerbates Templeton's financial woes.

None of the above takes into account the UNEXPLAINED reduction in Stabilization account:

From $142,000 To $95,000

I think the DOR might want an explanation of how that happened!

The BoS were SUPPOSED to discuss a response or answer the DOR concerns at TONIGHT's
( June 26, 2017) Meeting.

The Monday night BoS meeting has been rescheduled to THURSDAY night, which as any conspiracy theorist can confirm is AFTER Wednesday's meeting with the DOR.

So has this level of incompetence been deliberate? Is it just plain ignorance? Or is it misdirection - Look Squirrel?


My opinions as always,

Julie Farrell - Putting the "FUN" in dysfunctional for over 20 years!


  1. Just like the Former VP said to Obama.
    This is a big F-------n deal.
    Show up and .

  2. I've personally heard the BOS spend more time discussing the BLOG than any OML complaints, but that was "in the past" the future could be different.

    1. Is "its in the past" like going to confession ? Is saying "its in the past" fix your screw ups? Does saying "its in the past" giving you a pass for your bad decisions ? LOL

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