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Friday, June 9, 2017

Miscellaneous ? ! ?

Miscellaneous? ! ? !

Definition of miscellaneous-


adjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˌmɪs·əˈleɪ·ni·əs/

consisting of a mixture of various things that are not necessarily connected with each other:

His bedroom is full of guitars, keyboards, and miscellaneous instruments.

 A letter from the Division of Local Services was made available to the Advisory Committee on Wednesday June 7, 2017 at 2:48 pm.

This letter is dated May 23, 2017. 

This letter was sent to the Advisory Committee with  the subject heading "Miscellaneous".

Remember this? 

Open? Honest? Transparent? NOT!

Credible or Incredible. You Decide.

Lying Liars Club


Here are some quotes from   A letter from the Division of Local Services:


  "The town did not respond to our concerns until recently."

" The transient form of government in Templeton has substantially contributed to the severe financial consequences outlined in this letter."

 No Free Cash since 6/30/2013

 " refrain from proceeding with construction, including awarding any construction bids or further spending, until such time that Templeton can be guaranteed it can borrow its entire share of the project, approximately $20 Million ."


 Was this stonewalling done deliberately?

 What will the tax rate be for FY 18?

 Kumbaya? Really?

So why wait 2 weeks before "allowing the Advisory Committee to see this document ?


  1. The answer is "simple". The fluoride will help to smooth the facts and have a more calming outcome.
    I think the state may want to get a more involved roll to keep an eye on their pet project.
    Is Templeton just a way the book can be written on how bad the government can get.
    Chapter one : The use of Fluoride to help over come any normalcy.

    1. Lets let the BOF's stand and take a bow !! A learning curve that had sent our town crashing to the very bottom of this massive hole !! How much will it cost us to get out of this one ?? Can we get out ? Well kids, it does not look good. Bev.

    2. Ironic, how when some people say there is no bond rating, but the people with only one adjenda think something magical will happen, the shit hits the fan once again ! Didn't see this coming ?? Maybe you would have if you would learn to listen !! Learning to shut your mouth long enough to listen, would be a good start. Bev.

    3. Take the "Cotton out of your ears and stuff it in your mouth" is usually good advice. Very rarely does someone learn something listening to themselves talk.

    4. Thank you Bob M. for presenting things in a nicer light. Needless to say, I am and have been, upset about the position we, all of the people who live in this Town of Templeton, are in. I do feel we have been betrayed by some of the people who should have been there for us. Some of these people were paid very good money, for as it turns out not much to show for it. Where was our DOR person ? How could it escape this woman that our audits were not done, or other things were out of whack ?? The Collins Institute ?? Is that where Markle came from ? He stood up at our ATM and out right lied to people ! Since when is that ok ? It is no wonder my sense of humor is long, long gone. Bev.

  2. So, anyone want to guess which of these recommendations gets followed and which doesn't..........

    Do we have " guaranteed it can borrow its entire share of the project, approximately $20 Million"

    Why is it that when I look at other local government set ups I'm not seeing 2 BOS members on every major board in other towns? In many cases these members make up 40% of the membership. I'm not seeing the Chairman of the BOS, Planning Board, etc sitting on 6+ Committees.
    We can fix this right now. Many of these positions, terms end 6/30/2017. We should not allow our Boards and Committees to be packed with members from other boards/committee so we can avoid groupthink or bubblethink from now on.

    Diversity of ideas is what Templeton needs, not the same spin that has maintained the status quo for decades.

    1. Policies and procedures are only effective when they are in place for a good reason ! It does seem our BOF's Chairman wanted to put a new Town By Law on the books, to be able to get rid of the Advisory Committee Members that did not go along with the way he thinks ! Now that is democracy for you !! Someone tell this guy we do not have a dictatorship ! Asking a person looking for the job as TA, how he would "control" people under his leadership ? That must have given the applicant something to think about !

    2. It does seem that someone is living in the wrong country..

  3. MGL 268 section 21a states:

    Section 21A. Except as hereinafter provided, no member of a municipal commission or board shall be eligible for appointment or election by the members of such commission or board to any office or position under the supervision of such commission or board. No former member of such commission or board shall be so eligible until the expiration of thirty days from the termination of his service as a member of such commission or board.

    The provisions of this section shall not apply to a member of a town commission or board, if such appointment or election has first been approved at an annual town meeting of the town.

    1. How is John Caplis on 5 Committees and the Veterans Services Officer? How is Kirk M Chairman of the Planning Board and on 5 other Committees?

      I believe this one issue alone is vital in stopping the lax communication between committees and boards and the Administration. The Bad information transfers, assumptions and outright misinformation passed between committees and boards.

    2. Why is Mr. Caplis the Chairman of the BOS again ? Does he have more knowledge than the rest of the members ? It must be nice to think you are indispensable, that no one else can run a meeting as well as you. One of the things that will pass the "test of time" is every member of the BOS will be on the Annual Town Reports for the years that will be remembered for the town hitting a all time low !

  4. Owe BEVVY you should have been at the meeting when they reorganized the BOS.
    You weren't i guess? But the way the bylaws are written they need to reorganize every year after the election. So when the all time low is looked at after time goes by it will show after years of the back and forth things only got worse.
    Here's a thought change is good.
    Advisory has tried and failed to get the town back on the track it needs and with the same old same old were still like you say worse then ever.
    When this town gets a TA permanent will we hear the same old same old again?
    Do you ever wonder why the AC has few people who go to the watch their meetings.