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Friday, June 16, 2017

Interesting Comments!

Interesting Comments!

Looks like Templeton is being overrun by legal scholars:


  1. Sort of like the former selectman JEFF BENNETT sitting on the Insurance Advisory Committee.
    Should he have known or was he just stepping over MGL when he wanted to?
    Should he have checked the procedures? After i meeting he was removed and things were straightened out. Hard to see the trees in the forest?
    The more we look the more we will see in Templeton.
  2. Monday night at the BOS meeting was another fine example. 8 employees requested rollover. It was mentioned by Diane that 2 of the member didn't qualify under the present policy nor the labor contract. Then about 5-10 minutes of......"we'll send letters saying never again". When I mentioned it would be a hole lot easier to follow the Policies and Procedures I was met with Diane and Carters JUSTIFICATION. Diane started talking about a hypothetical 30 yr employee and Carter went through the list of 6 people nobody had a problem with. I found it completely disheartening as it shows we dont understand our problems!

    We have rules, policies, procedures and our Administration seems to think these are merely suggestions. In the above instance we asked for approval of the change. Carter is willing to violate present active rules because he feels they WOULD change, really.
    Just like earlier in the year. It's my understanding we made a potentially $16,000 (fines) gamble when filing the BAN to gain 10 days. Must be nice gambling with others money.

    It's also my understanding of MGL 268a Section 21e relating to appointments of BOS members by BOS members to committees might be a problem. I forwarded my concerns to Diane as we are about to make appointments again.

    Finally , again Monday the BOS voted to establish a EDIC. This has been an issue since prior to NOV. 2016 creating this would require a Town meeting vote. However, reading the requirements it states that a TOWN must gain certification of the DHCD prior to the establishment of a EDIC. I fine nothing that changes that ruling and have forwarded that to Selectman Fortes.

    There are alot of rules, regulations and for someone who is appointed or elected it a little overwhelming without knowledgeable, accountable guidance which I believe is the TA's potentially greatest asset for our town. Unfortunately at present it isn't working well from my stand point and needs serious adjustment.

    It is NOT " in the past" as was mentioned after the new elections. It is still going on.

    I believe the votes were unanimous in favor of both of the above questions put before the board on Monnday.

    Thank you Mrs Farrel for following the present rules and not stepping into or participating in violating present policy.

    My Opinion as always.
  3. little Davey I was voted on the IAC by a vote of the Advisory Committee which was following the Towns by-laws. When I was voted on the IAC, that made the BOS office "nervous so effort was made to see if they could keep me off. MGL and the Town by-law seemed to conflict even though the by-law had been approved by the attorney general of the state. I do not know if anyone ever checked to see if the Town by law was incorrect or not. I never did and because of that, the AC agreed or surmised that there would no longer be a member of the committee on the IAC, got it. little Davey pretty quiet on Templeton light & water. bought off by the powers at be by way of Light buying things for highway. wait til we see what was bought by snow & ice.


    1. The kind of behavior that our present and past TAs' use, to make up their own rules, as they go along, are what will get the Town in trouble in the end. Found money, found from where, I still do not know ? Assuming anything, instead of depending on facts will bite the taxpayers in the end. The BOS are supposed to be professional people, but no one expects them to understand and know everything. I think we have a right to expect that this man we have hired, to be the Town Administrator, should know enough to follow policy and procedures. The idea that the rules can be bent and altered to meet his needs is a bad thing to teach the people who have a large part in running our Town. Why do the members of our BOS think there are rules ?? I would think anyone with a ounce of common sense would understand, that they are there for a reason. Is that asking too much ?
  4. Bev,

    Exactly! Nobody should expect the Selectman/woman or other appointed officials to know every regulation out there.
    I'm sure many people in town have input that would greatly help the town. We do have many successful accomplished people living in Templeton. I believe one of the problems is the lack of willingness shown by those in the Administration to accept assistance or critique. Life experience has taught me that when this is going on it's usually because the critiqued individual feels overwhelmed and stubborn pride gets them defensive. It's understandable, but unacceptable. As a public servant you must be willing to learn, be wrong, listen to citizens. You were elected spokespeople, not gods and the people understand and respect facts.

    I myself signed up hoping I could spend some free time and help out. People may not appreciate my methods, Oh well, I'm not looking to make friends, passify anyone or offend anyone. I'm looking for facts, methods, means to get this town on it's feet. Would I rather be doing something else, sure, but I choose to participate because I found myself more and more disgusted.

    Common sense isn't Common! We should probably change it to the updated "Uncommon sense"
  5. Afternoon Everyone,

    You are in violation of MGL Chapter 30 Section 19.

    In which a public body (Advisory Committee) is in deliberation of a matter (policy and procedures) relevant to their positions involving a quorum of members (Jeff Bennet, Julie Farrell, Beverly Bartolomeo, and Robert May)

    The following conversations have been screenshot and submitted to the Attorney General's Office.

    As always,
    Your Selectmen Cameron Fortes

    P.S. Anyone else find this ironic?


    1. I speak as a private person ! I still have that right. When I walk in to the Town Hall and sit behind the desk, then I am an Advisory Committee Member. Bev.
    2. Beverly,

      Please do not incriminate yourself any further.

      Your Selectman,
      Cameron Fortes
    3. According to the open meeting laws, it doesn't matter where you physically sitting, as it also includes electronic communiqué verbal or written. If i was a stickler for following the laws and proper procedure I honestly wouldn't be writing this much discussion on here.
    4. Mr Fortes,

      Please read what you quote. MGL 30 Section 19.

      MGL Chapter 30 Section 19: Failure to file sufficient bonds; removal of principal

      Section 19. If a new bond is not filed, as required by the preceding section, the governor with the advice and consent of the council, shall remove the principal from such office or trust or terminate his authority to exercise such occupation or agency.

      Would you like to try again?

      It's not Chapter 30a Section 19 either.

      Just maybe you should also look up Irony!

    5. Bob,

      My apologies. I thank you for bringing forth the attention of the MGL you actually violated which would be Chapter 30A Sections 20,21,22.

      I hope the AG will find as much humor in the subject as I have.

      Have a good day,
      Cameron Fortes
    6. Mr Fortes,

      Maybe you should also read from the AG regulations:

      940 CMR 29.05 (5) regarding how to file a complaint. It seems you are upset? I understand. But please dont keep digging using personal attacks to defend poor performance. This is a Public forum in case you were unaware. Not sure detailing my observations of your boards meeting in which I attended as private citizen and have no vote constitutes anything. Maybe I'm wrong, if so I accept it how about you?
  6. Sort of like the former selectman JEFF BENNETT.

    Should he have known or was he just stepping over MGL when he wanted to?
    Should he have checked the procedures?
    The more we look the more we will see in Templeton.
    Yes Cam very ironic.

    Big Don needs to contact Me at to stay here.
    Please follow the simple rules and let me know your identity so as to protect the public who use this blog please.
    As always "Thanks" for your cooperation.
  7. Hi Dave, I'm not sure I understand why I need to contact you personally and divulge my full identity (Not that hard to figure out). I fear that I open myself up to witch hunts or to be put on a list of individuals to "watch" in town. Your guise of "protecting the public" is a shallow cover of gaining identifying material on individuals who may or may not hold a dissenting opinion. Which can then be drug out to air in the court of public opinion and public shaming like social justice liberals instead of actual debate.

    Individuals cannot sit here and claim this is an open and public board but also screen who can and cannot speak, write, and participate. If this is in fact a public forum as Bob May just stated in an attempt to deflect these private communications as an "open meeting", my right to (semi-)anonymous speech is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, rectified by McIntyre v. Ohio EC.

    "Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority, and thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from the hand of an intolerant society."

    The state of affairs here seems to be eerily similar to Communist Stasi, although on a much smaller scale. Attempting to gain information and knowledge on anyone and everything and whatever they say for your motives.

    I fully expect to be banned or removed now despite this though.


    1. Big Donnie,

      You have a right to free speech. Not a right to this blog! Difference? I have no idea who you are, none.

      You'll really like the town policy draft on social media. NO anonymous complaints!!!! It's on the website as draft. Take a look.

  8. I took a screen shot too.

    It's for my own use. I see you are learning from your hero, the Donald. You come here as a Selectman of the Town in your Elected capacity to scold Taxpayers you represent.Really? You convict them "MGL you actually violated" the pronounce it on a public website. Defamation can be serious and public figures aren't immune or exempt. It's just a different threshold.

    Did my questions about Monday nights meeting bother you? Do we need to be Certified by DHCD?

    Hopefully you go and read the POLOCIES AND PROCEDURES for the Board of Selectman. The behavior witnessed here today by Selectman Fortes is immature and in direct opposition to the BOS Policies. I would say charging and convicting townspeople who where appointed to committees of misdeeds based on your lack of legal skills definitely will be brought to the attention of the TA and your Chairman.

  9. This Letter was just sent in regards to this behavior.

    Mr. Terenzini - Town Administrator
    Mr John Caplis- Board of Selectman Chair

    I'm writing in regards to behavior that I find beneath the Office of Selectman in our Town of Templeton. Make no mistake, Selectman Fortes made it known from the day he was elected and in his posts he is talking as Selectman Fortes. In my opinion I also believe it violates the text of the Board of Selectman Policies and Procedures as well as the intent.
    It is also my contention from the information as supplied on the webpage that Selectman Fortes did not follow proper procedure 904 CMR 29.05 (3) in filing with the AG as he states on the Public Forum.

    Whether or not a violation exists is not under the purview of Selectman Fortes. Neither is it his place to pronounce Judgement "MGL you actually violated" and since Selectman Fortes chose to on a public forum I am requesting you sanction him in whatever public method you see fit. He chose to pronounce his Judgement on a public forum without the authority or knowledge to do so. I find it egregious

    These accusations have a serious of lack foundation in any possible form. Based on Mr. Fortes contention members of any committee, board, commission are responsible for violating an open meeting law without talking about anything with each other. These violation require "deliberation"! Deliberation by its very nature requires discussion. No discussion toke place. Comments were posted hours apart about no specific issue at all other than general lack of Policies and Procedures.

    If the AG finds a violation did exist that is his purview and I will by all means abide by whatever that decision happens to be, but to be scolded by a Selectman acting like a petulant child is not something I tolerate.

    Robert May


  1. Letter sent this morning to the Town Administrator and Chairman John Caplis.

    Mr. Ternzini,

    I'm writing to inform you of my belief that a violation of the Open meeting Law regulation 940 CMR 29.05 (5) as evidenced by this email from the Town Clerk and the email from Selectman Fortes I will attach should be addressed

    Templeton Elections were on May 1 , 2017. The statue allows for 14 days to file.

    It also appear that Selectman fortes violated Section 29.04 (1) by attending, voting at the May 8, 2017 Board of Selectman meeting.

    ---------------Town Clerk
    To 'Robert May' May 18 at 4:28 PM
    Hi Robert,
    Sorry that I'm just getting back to you, I was out of the office. As of today I have not received the certificates from Cameron Fortes.
    Thank you,

    Carol A. Harris
    Templeton Town Clerk, CMMC

    To Robert May May 19 at 9:08 AM

    Morning Bob,

    Thank you for the reminder. I actually submitted the open meeting laws certificate yesterday as well as a few other ethics documents after a discussion with legal. I had some questions regarding the document that I wanted to be completely sure were answered by a legal expert.

    I'm attaching a copy of the relevant meeting minutes that prove Selectman Fortes actively voted, made motions prior to signing the OML Regulations as I believe are required under 904 CMR 29.04 (1).

    Thank you,

    Robert May

    PS-If required I can forward you multiple example of the BOS violating by-laws, violating Policies and Procedures and State statutes but I'd prefer to fix these items internally as was the reason for posting concerns on the blog rather than filing formal complaints which our Town does not need.


    I also attached copies of the May8, 2017 meeting votes to verify my concern.

  2. It just keeps going! Selectman Fortes just posted on his Twitter account with the profile:

    Politician, Businessman, World Traveler, Socialite, & Outdoorsman. Selectman of Templeton MA. Snapchat: CameronFortes

    Cameron Fortes‏
    My favorite committee made memes about me after they violated the law 😂 Unfortunately they aren't very good. …

    Showing and writing sarcastic remarks about his "favorite committee" would also seem to violate the BOS Policies and procedures.

  3. I've just been told Mr. Fortes has a really interesting post on face book. Enormous backlash, Whisleblower................Is He attempting to hide his behavior and ramification under the Whislteblower Protection Act? Is He claiming that status officially?

    Inquiring minds want to know. It would be important to know if he is Officially claiming that status as He signed it Selectman Fortes.

    Does that create a Records issue?

    The saga continues!!!!!!

    I decided to enquire as this could create issue for the Town.


    Mr. Terenzini,
    Mr. Caplis

    A continuation of previous concerns,

    My reason for contact is to protect my rights. It is my understanding that Selectman Fortes is calling himself a Whisleblower on his Facebook page and signs it Selectman Fortes
    He states he is a none anonymous Whislteblower. Has Selectman Fortes notified you he is claiming Whistleblower status under the Whistleblower protection Act? If so I am requesting notification as that claim comes with a host of protections one of those being witness intimidation. It also creates liabilities for the Town which we should be aware of. I'm concerned that with Selectman Fortes recent and continuing behavior, loosely throwing around Judgment, Proclamations without a apparent care for the ramification all while signing as Selectman Fortes. He has been shown to avoid filing times, voting rules (which he called "red flags"). Nice to know violations of the law are "red flags".

    Is this behavior acceptable? I require a response

    Robert May


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  5. Well. That didn't take long.

    Looks like Templeton has its own kek worshipping Chelsea Manning.


    Is this website humor / satire / irony / tongue-in cheek?

    This site is what you make of it.

    1. Does that fit in with Mr. Rogers, or Romper Room in the modern age ? It does seem very childish, but I did appreciate The Chelsea Manning reference ! Maybe I can find a zorro outfit at Rietta tomorrow. Do you think our newest leader could use that in a pinch ?

    2. Oh crap, he would not know who "zorro" is !