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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tennessee Counties Sue Opioid Makers Using Local "Crack Tax" Law

Tennessee Counties Sue Opioid Makers Using Local "Crack Tax" Law


Mass. AG joins sweeping investigation of opioid makers

Jun 15, 2017, 1:27pm EDT

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said Thursday that her office has joined a broad, bipartisan coalition of states in investigating sales and marketing practices at opioid manufacturers.
Healey and a group of state attorneys general from across the country announced that they are participating in the investigation, which aims to determine whether drug companies have contributed to the nationwide opioid abuse crisis.

The announcements did not identify which companies are being targeted. A U.S. Senate committee is pursuing a separate investigation into sales and marketing practices at five companies: Depomed, Purdue Pharma, Mylan, Janssen and Insys.

“The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that is claiming lives in our state and across the country, and we want to assure our residents that we are doing all that we can to combat it,” Healey said in a statement. “I am working with my colleagues in actively investigating whether manufacturers used illegal practices in the marketing and sale of opioids and worsened this deadly crisis.”

It is rare for prosecutors to publicly disclose ongoing investigations. For that reason, it is possible that some states that did not issue press releases on Thursday are also participating.

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, the investigation involves a “majority” of states.

The opioid crisis has taken a deadly toll in Massachusetts. According to the state public health department, more than 2,000 people died from opioid-related overdoses last year, a record number.
Healey’s office recently announced a partnership with the GE Foundation to provide substance use prevention curriculum materials to every public middle school in the state. The foundation is contributing $1.5 million to the initiative, with Healey’s office contributing $500,000.

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  1. All these facts and still no national pharma data base.
    States who don't cooperate are the states who big pharma control.
    Corporations are at the wheel and the drive is heading into the ditch,grave.