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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Opioids Killed More People In One Ohio County Last Year Than Car Accidents, Homicides, & Suicides Combined

Opioids Killed More People In One Ohio County Last Year Than Car Accidents, Homicides, & Suicides Combined



  1. Not good news at all. So why publish it?

    What's the alternative? Keep your head in the sand? Go back to sleep?

    Keep drinking the fluoride - it's all part of the same game to make you sick and keep you sick.

    From fluoridated water supplies, to GMOs, to a healthcare system that prescribes painkillers and people get hooked. People can't manage their pain and turn to "other substances". Mainstream medicine is limited in helping people manage pain.

    See the article on It's Legal to Grow.

    Are there alternatives to treating pain? Who knows? Researching alternatives has to be better than ending up in an overcrowded morgue.

    Enjoy the weather!

  2. It's all about the money. Your Government at the Federal, State and local levels are all corporations. If you take corporation and break off the first syllable you get corp, add an s and e and get corpse. The corporation makes money off of you whether you are dead or alive.

  3. The DEA, FDA, etc would like you to beleive that most Opioid abusers get there medication from someone "scamming" the system. They are right, it's the manufacturers. Do you really think that 100's of 1000's of people are stealing grandma's pills every month?
    Just look at the other day here is Northboro. The LEO's searched a warehouse and found a 55 gallon drum of NPP. From what I understand NPP is the basis for making Fentanyl pills. It was quoted in the article as saying that one 55 gallon drum could produce as many as 19 million tablets.

    Nothing in the article stated where the NPP was made. No history. I bet we eventually hear who owned the warehouse, etc as they will get in trouble, but not the people who are suppose to maintain control of those chemicals, they probably wont even be investigated. Just think, one 55 gallon drum in North boro, how many 55 gallon drums in other warehouses in other cities.

    If the DEA truly wanted to stop all the abuses they state are happening at the patient level all they would have to do is REQUIRE a live national database for prescriptions. Unfortunately that would limit the ever increasing police state, police powers and police abuse which we all know that the goal of government is exactly the same as the addict.........MORE!